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“Joy in looking and comprehending is nature's most beautiful gift.” - Albert Einstein


Riverview Park Final Master Plan and Construction Drawings, City of Kent, WA

Douglass Consulting is working with the JA BrennanAssociates team to prepare and permit a new Master Plan for Riverview Park on the Green River for the City of Kent.

This project will develop a new park at the site, provide better pedestrian and bicycle linkages and will tie into the suite of restoration projects that the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) is constructing to enhance and restore the Green/Duwamish River. Douglass Consulting is the environmental lead on the team and is preparing the environmental permitting for construction of the new park. We are coordinating with the USACE, NOAA Fisheries, USFWS, WDFW, DNR, King County, and the City of Kent, as well as other stakeholders to prepare the Shoreline, Clean Water Act, and City permits for this unique park project.

JA Brennan Associates

Portage Creek Wildlife Area Environmental Permitting, Snohomish County, WA

Working with DEA, Douglass Consulting is providing project management for the environmental permitting to design and construct a new entrance road and parking lot, and to replace three bridges and culverts at this 170-acre wildlife area in Snohomish County. Douglass Consulting is responsible for the project coordination with agencies and community-based conservation groups to design, permit and construct the improvements to the wildlife area.

Link to Snohomish County website for Portage Creek Wildlife Area

Scriber Lake Park Master Plan, City of Lynnwood, WA

Working with DEA and J.A. Brennan and Associates, Douglass Consulting is developing a Master Plan for the renovation of Scriber Lake Park, a 22-acre park in the center of the City of Lynnwood. Ms. Douglass is serving as the environmental team lead to conduct the baseline mapping, coordinate with agencies re: permitting and funding, and presenting at the public meetings for the Master Plan.

Link to City of Lynwood Website for Master Plan

Northern State Recreation Area (NSRA) Master Plan Programmatic SEPA, Skagit County, WA

Project manager for preparation of the programmatic SEPA Checklist for the NSRA Master Plan for Skagit County Parks and Recreation. She participated in the design charette for the NSRA project and worked closely with Skagit County Parks, Planning, and Public Works departments to identify specific studies and environmental reviews that will be required for each phase of the NSRA. Douglass Consulting assisted with review of the checklist by the Skagit County Planning Department and the public process for final approval and adoption of the NSRA Master Plan by the County Commissioners.

Skagit County Parks and Recreation

Pressentin Park Environmental Assessment, Skagit County, WA

Douglass Consulting prepared the final Environmental Assessment for the proposed Pressentin Park in Skagit County, WA. We coordinated with Skagit County Parks and Planning departments, and the US Forest Service (lead agency and funding source) to finalize the EA in appropriate format and level of analysis. Douglass Consulting conducted the analysis and coordinated with staff with the US Forest Service to incorporate appropriate mitigation measures and obtain final approval, NEPA permitting and funding.

Link to Skagit County Parks website for Pressentin Park

Green-Duwamish River Restoration Study - King County, Washington

Project manager/technical editor for the Reconnaissance Phase Restoration Study for this major urban river. Ms. Douglass conducted research, authored key chapters, and coordinated with authors to incorporate contributions into document. This project was the initial funding and research phase for the US Army Corps of Engineers long-term plans to develop restoration projects along the Green-Duwamish River.

Link to USACE Green-Duwamish River Restoration Project

Link to EPA Green-Duwamish River Showcase Project


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